Fastmail replaces Gmail for people who care about privacy.

Best value $5/month
$0, but paid with your privacy
All your favorite Gmail features
Works on all devices
Superior spam blocking
Plenty of storage
Switch between accounts
Labels, folders, rules and automatic filtering
Full-featured (snooze, undo send, calendar sharing, VIP contacts, and more)
Your privacy comes first
No ads, no tracking
No creepy typing predictions
Use your own domain (you@yourname)
Email, calendars, contacts in one mobile app
Notification settings that respect your attention
Over 600 aliases for even more privacy
Human support when you need it
Built on JMAP, the latest email standard

If you want something easy to use that isn’t tied to one of the big tech giants, Fastmail is a great option.

The New York Times

[Fastmail’s] constantly adding useful features that benefit users... as opposed to “features” that make invasions of privacy easier for data brokers.


When it's more convenient to write what Google wants than your own words, it's time for a change.


All your favorite Gmail features


The fastest webmail you’ve ever used. Find what you need quickly with a powerful search, pinned messages, conversations, and more.


Calendars make it happen. Add and share events, bring all your calendars together, and share with your favorite people.


Automatically build your address book. Give priority to the people you care about most with VIP contacts and contact groups.

Bring your Gmail history with you

Move from Gmail to Fastmail in minutes.
Find everything you need in one safe place.

Fastmail is a leader
in email

Fastmail’s work on internet standards and open source powers many email services besides our own. We keep email on your side, with modern features, security and the power to choose the tools that work for you.

Fastmail keeps your personal information away from Google

Feel good about your email

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