Guest level plans

Guest level plans were discontinued on July 31st, 2017.

Guest level accounts have not been available to new customers since 2012, and the vast majority of Guest users have since chosen one of our paid plans or discontinued their service.

What do I do if I currently have a Guest plan?

We have communicated directly to all users still on a Guest plan, so be sure to check for an email from the Fastmail Support Team.

To continue using your Fastmail account, you’ll need to select one of our current plans. You can do this from the screen.

With a Basic, Standard or Professional level account from Fastmail, you'll have access to many great features including:

Merge your Guest account into an existing paid Fastmail account

If you already have a paid Fastmail account, we can merge accounts so that your Guest account email address becomes an alias on any existing paid account. This means any email sent to your Guest account address will go to your paid account instead. We’ll also transfer the contents of your Guest account mailbox so you aren't paying for more accounts than you need.

Why did Guest level plans go away?

Fastmail has always been a premium email service, paid for by the subscription fees of our users.

As a security and privacy focused service with no ads, we don’t have any split loyalties. This means we can continue to invest in developing and maintaining Fastmail for all of our customers.

Historically, Guest plans were limited trial accounts funded by advertising. As the internet landscape evolved, we chose to remove all advertising as it began to compromise the security and privacy we pride ourselves on.

While the cost of data and storage for Guest accounts may seem low, there are significant costs associated with providing them, specifically to do with the huge resources required for ever-increasing security issues.

Every year we see a significant percentage of Fastmail accounts compromised to send spam, phish our other customers, and more. This results in very high support and abuse costs.

Today we require a team of full time staff just to manage security, in addition to multiple data centers and a 24-hour Operations Team.

We also have an ongoing commitment to continuing development, which is why these steps are necessary to maintain the high quality of service users have come to expect from us over the years.

I'd like to migrate off Fastmail

We're sorry to see you go, but your data is always yours. Our guide to downloading your data will help you migrate to another provider.

You'll need to ask your new provider if you need assistance importing. We also support standard POP and IMAP protocols if your new provider supports those. You'll need our server names and ports.

You can cancel your account at any time.