Custom Domains with FastMail

About domains

You can host the email for your domain(s) with FastMail, providing you have an Enhanced/Premier personal account, or a business/family account. Our pricing table lists how many domains and aliases each account type may have.

Business and family accounts can create users in their own domain. Only administrators for a business or family account can manage custom domains.

Personal accounts must remain in one of the FastMail domains. This means you have to use your FastMail username to log in: but you can still send and receive mail exclusively with an alias at your domain.

Note: FastMail does not sell domains. You'll need to purchase a domain from a domain registrar.

Set up a domain

If you host your DNS with FastMail, the process to set up is simple. There's just five steps:

  1. FastMail domain configuration, so FastMail understands to accept mail sent to your domain.
  2. Domain registration configuration.
  3. Configure the FastMail personality for sending.
  4. Add required email aliases.
  5. Verify.

You can find all the detailed instructions at the simple domain configuration page.

Alternatively if you want your domain registrar to manage your DNS, you'll need to use our advanced domain configuration guide.

Advanced domain topics

Check our advanced guide if you're looking for more information about: