Custom Domains with FastMail

About domains

A custom domain allows you to receive email at a domain of your choosing (such as, not just from FastMail's many domains.

You can host the email for your domains with FastMail, providing you have an Enhanced/Premier personal account, or a business/family account. Our pricing table lists how many domains and aliases each account type may have.

Note: FastMail does not sell domains. You'll need to purchase a domain from a domain registrar. A registrar is a company that manages the purchase and ownership of internet domain names. If you're looking for a registrar, we recommend Gandi.

Business and family accounts can create users in their own domain. Only administrators for a business or family account can manage custom domains.

Personal accounts must remain in one of the FastMail domains. This means you have to use your FastMail username to log in: but you can still send and receive mail exclusively with an alias at your domain.

How to set up a domain

There are three different ways you can use FastMail with your custom domain.

Nameservers hosted with FastMail

Nameservers hosted elsewhere, but MX records pointing to FastMail

No NS/MX at FastMail, but mail redirected to FastMail

Mirrored domains

With email, it's easy to have multiple domains that "mirror" each other. So you might have and, and you want any email address at to work at as well. To set this up:

  1. Pick a "primary" domain (say, and create all your domain aliases and accounts in that domain.
  2. Create a single alias in your alternate domain with the special * (star) value (e.g. * and set the target of that alias to * Then any valid email address at, will also work at Note that this only works for email addresses; for websites, you have to explicitly create the website for each domain, or set up a redirect to the primary domain.