If you’re paying for email, you should get everything you want
— your domain, your full email history, and your favorite apps.

Best value $50/year
$99/year or $999/year
for 2–3 letter email addresses
Plans start at $99/year
Privacy and security
No spy pixel tracking
Mobile and web apps
Thoughtful features
Snooze / reply later
Control over notifications
Use 100+ domains with no extra charge (you​@yourwebsite​.com)
Built-in calendars and contacts
Choose a workflow
that works for you
HEY confines you to one workflow
Bring in your past email history
(don’t bounce between accounts!)
Over 600 aliases for
even more privacyAliases are different email addresses which all deliver to your one Fastmail account. Learn more
Works with your favorite email client
and apps (Apple, Thunderbird, Mailbird)
Supports all open standards
and built on JMAP
Supports open standards & built on JMAP Open standards future-proof email and make the technology even better. Learn more
Take your mail folders
and labels with youShould you ever leave, it’s easy to export your mail in a useful way. Learn more
Comprehensive help guides

“Fast, no ads, and I know I’m in charge.”


“Really like the freedom to control so many things.”


“No one knows email better. It just works.”


Move your mail in minutes

Do what’s
best for you

You come first at Fastmail.
Get what HEY can do, plus
the freedom to do more.

Screen emails

Send emails from people not in your contacts list into a folder called ‘Screen emails.’ Check that folder to approve senders for your inbox by adding them to your contacts.

Focus on
important email

Fastmail rules and filters help you eliminate non-essential mail from your inbox. Send newsletters, receipts, or ads to folders. Now your inbox only gets what’s important.

Quiet your email

Find a sense of calm with notification controls. Only get notifications from your contacts, designated VIPs, or specific folders.

Reply later

Use Fastmail’s snooze feature to set aside mail to reply to later. When you’re ready, you can view all snoozed emails together in one folder and send your responses.

Fastmail’s powerful rules and filters
give you these and many more options!

Feel good about your email

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