Your privacy is our priority

“Fastmail is a privacy-friendly email service that stands up for its customer’s rights: we’re proud to host our email with this crew.”

Lilly Ryan Board Member

We take meaningful actions to protect your privacy

Our policies guarantee your data remains yours.

Say Hi To Some Of Our Team Members Nicola Nye
While legislation is coming to protect you online, right now companies control your data and what happens to it, so it’s up to you as individual consumers, to do your research and choose who you purchase from.
Nicola Nye Technology Executive

We are good internet citizens

Our loyalty is to you, the customer. We proudly charge money for our service, so we have no split loyalties.


We never sell your data

We are GDPR compliant and provide those data protection assurances to every customer, no matter where you live in the world.


We don’t follow you around the web

We believe surveillance advertising should be banned. You shouldn’t have to worry that advertisers are following your every move on the internet.

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Email is our only business

What does this mean?

We’ve been doing email for over 20 years. We have no competing loyalties to other products driven by advertising revenue. Fastmail’s work on internet standards and open source powers many email services besides our own. We take pride in being experts in our field and giving you the best experience possible.

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Our Terms of Service embodies our values

What does this mean?

We’ve embedded our company values of privacy and respect into our Terms of Service. No customer on Fastmail can use us for spam or anything that interferes with a customer’s enjoyment of our service.

Your data is yours, always, and you are in control of it

“At a time when every digital service tracks and monitors, Fastmail forges its own path and maintains truly secure and easy online communications.” -Lucie Krahulcova

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Multiple email addresses to protect your privacy

What does this mean?

Features like Masked Email give you lots of ways you can protect yourself and your online accounts from the consequences of data leaks on other platforms or targeted by unsolicited marketing.

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Know where your information is at all times

What does this mean?

We own and run all our own hardware: your data doesn’t live on someone else’s servers in the cloud.

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Your data is your own

What does this mean?

Bring your email to us from other platforms or grab a copy of your email for a backup or migration just as easily. Our self-service tools put you in charge.

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We advocate for your privacy

What does this mean?

It takes more than one voice to create change. Fastmail partners with groups that inform consumers, advise governmental policy, and shine a light on bad business behavior. We are proud of our work with Electronic Frontiers Australia, Digital Rights Watch, Australian Privacy Foundation, and the Communications Alliance.

We contribute to building out a better world.

“We applaud Fastmail’s commitment to human rights in a digital context. The world would be a better place if more tech companies followed their lead.”

Justin Warren Chair, Electronic Frontiers Australia

We are actively involved in privacy groups in Australia: EFA, DRW, APF.

We co-sign anti-surveillance initiatives globally where appropriate.

We educate tech businesses on privacy

Our staff gives talks at meetups and conferences to educate other tech businesses on matters such as their responsible use of data and building meaningful privacy policies.