We want to shape a future where people come first – with technology made for you, not against you. Here, you are treated fairly, and good behavior is the norm.

We operate with
four core values

You are our customer,
not our product

Fastmail works to serve you, not advertisers
or anyone else. Your money gets you a solid product and all our focus and attention.

Your data
belongs to you

You have a story and a footprint that deserves respect. You get complete ownership and control of your data, which is seen by no one else but you.

We are good stewards
of your data

You’ve entrusted us to take care of your data and we take that seriously. Your data is always available to you, intact, and away from the wrong hands.

We are good
internet citizens

You deserve more choices and better experiences. Instead of using proprietary software, which locks you in and slows innovation, we contribute to open source projects that move email forward.

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name in
email for
20 years

“Goal: Be a more responsible and ethical citizen on the web. First step: Migrate to Fastmail.”

Jared M.
Fastmail user

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