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Chief of Staff

Pros and Cons of Hosting Your Own Email

Are you considering hosting your own email? Learn more about the pros and cons from Fastmail.

How Fastmail Advocates for Privacy

Fastmail believes in a fairer internet—one that’s more considerate of people’s privacy.

Business Email Scams: How to identify and prevent them

Business email scams are common and dangerous. Learn the types of scams and how Fastmail’s business solutions prevent them.

Every Way Fastmail’s Contacts Keeps You Connected

Fastmail Contacts make it easy to connect with your friends, family, and professional network.

Fastmail Fights Off Ransom Cyberattack
26 Oct 2021 Company

Many email providers were hit with a Distributed Denial of Service attack last week. For Fastmail customers, no mail has been lost and, as always, your data remains safe.

Fastmail Signups Blocked in Russia, Here’s What We Know

Fastmail is the latest email provider to be blocked by Russia.

If You Care About Privacy, Fastmail and Vivaldi are a Powerful Combo

Announcing our newest partner: Vivaldi. A browser that is powerful, flexible, and serious about privacy.

We’ve Identified 6 Email User Types—Which One Describes You?

Are you as organized as you think you are? See how Fastmail users apply our features and automations to meet their needs.

Fastmail Keeps You Safe From Spy Pixels

Fastmail protects you from spy pixels and other remote images. As the world's oldest independent email provider, we've been defending your privacy for over 20 years.

Data Privacy Day 2021—5 Simple Steps to Increase Your Data Privacy

It's easier than you think to increase your data privacy, when you focus on a few things that make the biggest impact.

How to Protect Yourself From Email Scams

Due to the pandemic, email scams are on the rise. Here's why, the truth about scams and phishing attempts, and how you can stay safe.

Help Your Friends and Family Protect Their Privacy

Everyone deserves privacy and security online. Here are steps you can take.