Fastmail Works for You and Your Business

Fastmail encourages you to personalize your workflow. Jemma uses folders and rules to organize her inbox and reclaim her time.

Your email is the hub for important information in both your work and personal life. Fastmail’s organization and productivity features help you optimize your workflow. Jemma seamlessly manages multiple email addresses with the help of Fastmail folders, rules, contacts, and more. See how Jemma makes email work for her!

What are your favorite Fastmail features, and what purpose do you use them for?

My favorite Fastmail features depend on whether it is for personal or work use. For work, I really appreciate Contacts, Notes, and the Search feature. I help people get liquor licenses in California, so all projects are under an ‘entity’ name. Each entity name is a folder in Fastmail; this way, all clients and materials for a project stay grouped together. I rely on “Find” to search through emails related to a specific project. Once we had over a certain amount of folders, Gmail could never find the folder I was looking for. It delights me how Fastmail just works in that regard.

The contact access within the email makes it easy to update contacts with names, phone numbers, and notes. I also like how when you click on an email or phone, it is easy to copy. “Notes” puts some of my most common text two clicks away, so I can easily copy and paste.

For my personal account, I love the keyboard shortcut to save emails/info where they belong. I use rules more to get only the important information from busy email threads without having to unsubscribe. It’s a painless way to have the info without a lot of effort each day. I also have two personal accounts that I manage in Fastmail. I like being able to choose if an outgoing email comes from my personal account or the one I use for shopping.

How do you set it/maintain your workflow? (workflow is how you use Fastmail)

Once I get an email, I review it and either:

  1. Respond and keyboard shortcut (m or v) to save it in a folder.
  2. If I can’t handle it right now but want to get it out of my inbox, I save it to a special folder that I return to later.
  3. If it’s an article or video I want to watch, I schedule it into my calendar and move the email to an appropriate folder.
  4. I pin things that I may have to review again, so they’re easy to find within the folder.
  5. DELETE (my favorite haha)

One of the things I love about Fastmail is that it doesn’t try to keep me in email more than absolutely necessary. I really feel ‘complete’ once I get to inbox zero. Fastmail helps me minimize my time in email in general.

How have you changed the way you use email since you started using Fastmail?

Fastmail addresses and improves on the elements of Gmail that annoyed me and gives me more peace of mind that not all my data is being read and monitored all the time. I love Fastmail, and I recommend that more people switch from the giant tech platforms and respect their own privacy and the privacy of their correspondents.

Fastmail puts you first by prioritizing your privacy and promoting productivity. Jemma utilizes Fastmail features that support her workflow, and we have so many more features you can try! Each email user is unique, and Fastmail makes it easy to customize yours to make email work for you.

Get the best in email and optimize your workflow by joining Fastmail. Start your free 30-day trial of Fastmail now!

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