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We are proud to announce the updated look and feel of our website. We have built a product that is designed to work for you. Going forward, we want our messaging to reflect how Fastmail puts you in control to do things your way.

A new visual identity

“We are ecstatic to share our new look with you,” said Fastmail’s Marketing Manager, Roland Nichols. “Our redesign is intended to further our mission at Fastmail: to make email yours.”

From Email, Calendar, and Contacts all in one easy-to-use app to productivity features that allow you to build your own workflow, Fastmail brings your digital life together. So, when we started building our new website, we knew we wanted it to emphasize everything that Fastmail has to offer.

In recent years, Fastmail has been serving a broader customer base than ever before. With a growing audience of customers, “we wanted this redesign to highlight how Fastmail helps you do more with your email and why you should expect more from your email provider,” said Fastmail COO, Helen Horstmann-Allen.

Building the New Website

Through our Open Standards work and our product feature releases, we believe in securing a better future for email through innovation. In order to design a website that reflected this mindset, we partnered with eDesign Interactive, an award-winning local digital agency, to create our new look and messaging.

"Building a great company is always a team sport, and collaborating with Fastmail to design and build their new website we truly felt part of their team,” said Managing Partner of eDesign, Vincent Mazza. “I’m always proud of our agency’s work, but bringing so many folks to work together, challenge assumptions, think creatively, and ultimately create something great is the best outcome!”

One unique aspect of this refreshed look is the modern three-dimensional design elements we’ve brought in to highlight our updated messaging. With these elements, the new marketing website tells the powerful story of the choose-your-own-adventure approach Fastmail takes to customer workflow.

“This website redesign is an opportunity to differentiate ourselves and stand out to new audiences,” said Fastmail’s Content Marketing Coordinator, Haley Hnatuk. “The goal is to give current and prospective customers the most attractive and captivating website experience possible.”

Reclaim your email

Fastmail increases your productivity with our powerful features. If you are a current customer, customize your inbox today with your choice of Folders/Labels, Custom Themes, and more. Or dive into the rest of our feature set, and try Snooze, Scheduled Send, Night Mode, or Custom Swipes! Learn more when you check out the features page of our new website.

Fastmail customers are our main priority. We have been working on this new website alongside a refresh to our settings that helps connect customers with the ways that Fastmail makes it easier than ever to make email yours. These settings changes will be going live on our beta website in the new year. We are always testing new work, if you want to be one of the first people to try it out, you can always log into Fastmail’s beta site:

If you are new to Fastmail, sign up today, and choose the privacy-focused email that’s perfect for you!

Want to learn more about how different customers use Fastmail? Check out our ongoing customer workflow blog series.

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Profile picture for The Fastmail Team