File storage and Dropbox

Did you know: FastMail integrates with Dropbox to manage file attachments.

We first introduced file support way back in 2004 which let you store files for use with email attachments, and even basic website support. Back then the most storage we allowed was 150Mb.

Storage needs change over time and today 150Mb can fill up with a few photos or videos taken with your phone. Many people use dedicated services like Dropbox to sync their files across multiple devices, or just to back up important information.

So it makes perfect sense for FastMail to integrate with Dropbox to provide file support. It’s ideal for:

  • Big files that you want to send or receive as attachments
  • Use just one file service to manage your files rather than try to manage files across multiple providers

To attach a file to an email from your Dropbox account, choose Dropbox from the file chooser.

File chooser dropdown showing Dropbox selected

If this is the first time you have used Dropbox from your FastMail account, you will be prompted by Dropbox to allow access, then you can see your Dropbox files from FastMail and choose which ones to add to your email.

Dropbox file chooser with one file selected

You can even save files sent to you in an attachment to your Dropbox account. Select the attachment by ticking the checkbox, then you can choose to save the file to Dropbox.

You can switch off access at any time.

Note that at no time does this give Dropbox access to your mail or any data stored by FastMail. All access to your Dropbox is done using a random authentication token that can not be linked back to your FastMail account.

For more information, review the help on our Dropbox support.

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