Time-saving Templates

Today I’m going to take you on a tour of a feature you may not have known existed. A feature which can save you time and effort: templates!

If you frequently start new messages by typing the same thing again and again – meeting minutes, or sport day reports or the annual family news email newsletter – you can save yourself time by creating a template.

To create a template:

  • Create a folder called Templates (Folder name must be exactly ‘Templates’: ‘templates’ or ‘TEMPLATES’ or even ‘tEmPlaTeS’ won’t work)

  • Compose a new message and enter the content you want to be in your new template. Save this as a draft.

  • Go to the Drafts folder and move the draft you just created to your Templates folder. Either drag the message onto the folder in the side bar, or use the move button up the top.

  • Now, to start a new message from that template, go to your Templates folder and open the message. You will have a new message all pre-filled with the contents of your template. When you send the message, the original template is untouched, ready to be used again next time.

Note: This functionality is only available through our web interface and our mobile apps and not through third party mail programs.

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