Update to Terms of Service

On October 1st 2017, FastMail updated our Terms of Service to make them friendlier for our customers, and easier to understand.

These changes also allow us to progressively unify our Terms of Service across all our products: FastMail, Topicbox, Pobox and Listbox.

Summary of changes

UPDATE: changed tense and links on October 1st to reflect the activation of new terms.

UPDATE: we made one change after first publishing this post – in response to feedback we changed the wording in the termination section. We now say we may terminate accounts for non-renewal rather than for non-usage. So long as you keep paying to keep an account open, we don’t mind if you’re actually using it or not!

We now make it clear you aren’t responsible if a third party accesses your account as a result of FastMail’s negligence.

We have removed sections which allowed us to claim liquidated damages from you if you breached some of our Terms.

We have amended our termination clause. We used to be able to terminate your account at any time and for any reason. Now, we can only do so if you: fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions; if we are required to by law; or if your account is inactive for an extended period of time.

We have made the terms easier to read: in particular we have more consistent use of defined terms, so that we now refer to ourselves as “FastMail” rather than the “Service Provider”.

We have replaced clauses UNNECESSARILY WRITTEN IN SCARY-LOOKING ALL-CAPS with friendly-looking normal text.

We have removed an unnecessary clause specifying that the document is in English (given it’s already pretty clear it is!).

We have added specific provisions to outline the rights and responsibilities between FastMail, our authorised resellers, and their customers.

We have added a clause that we don’t endorse the content or views of our customers.

The full document is available at https://www.fastmail.com/about/tos.html.

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