Why Fastmail?

Get fast, private email that’s just for you.
You Are Our Customer Castle

You are our customer, not our product – Fastmail works to serve you, not advertisers or anyone else. Your money gets you a solid product and all our focus and attention.

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Your data belongs to you

You have a story and a digital footprint that deserves respect. You get complete ownership and control of your data.

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We are good stewards of your data

You’ve entrusted us to take care of your data and we take that seriously. Your data is always available to you.

Your privacy matters to us.

You’ve entrusted us to take care of your data and we take that seriously. Your data is always available to you, intact, and away from the wrong hands.

Bron Gondwana CEO

We are good digital citizens

We Are Good Digital Citizens Building Slide

At Fastmail, we’re building a better future for the internet. We are creating this through our company’s commitment to advancing open standards. Additionally, our podcast, Digital Citizen, provides listeners with actionable advice about digital citizenship in their lives.

If you want something easy to use that isn’t tied to one of the big tech giants, Fastmail is a great option.

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How Xavier uses Fastmail to customize his inbox
01 Sep 2023 Customer Stories

Fastmail customer, Xavier, gets the most out of his email account by using Fastmail Identities, Aliases, and Masked Email!

Why Folders Are a Great Email Organization Tool

Fastmail Folders are the perfect organization tool for customers that love an empty inbox. Moving messages into customized folders is a quick way to keep your inbox tidy.

Fastmail’s Contributions to the Future of Email at the Perl Toolchain Summit

Fastmail CTO, Rik Signes, and Backend Team Lead, Matthew Horsfall, joined world-class open-source developers at the annual Perl Toolchain Summit.

“Simple, efficient, professional, no bs, no ads.”

Félix Déage
Software developer

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