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Meet Our Team: Alex, Product Manager
15 Sep 2022 Meet Our Team

Meet Alex, a Product Manager based in Australia, who listens to customers and figures out how to make Fastmail work for them.

Meet Our Team: Sez, Customer Service and Technical Support Agent
18 Aug 2022 Meet Our Team

Meet Sez, a Fastmail Customer Service and Technical Support Agent based in Australia, who helps customers solve problems with kindness and compassion.

Meet Our Team: Vysakh, Support Agent
19 May 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Vysakh, a Fastmail support agent based in India, who writes detailed help pages and solves customer problems.

Meet Our Team: Tom, Mobile Developer
19 May 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Tom, a Fastmail Mobile Developer based in Australia, who makes it possible for you to use Fastmail on all of your devices.

Meet Our Team: Phoenix, Support Agent
30 Mar 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Phoenix, a Fastmail support agent, who helps customers get the most from their email experience.

Meet Our Team: Rasha, Support Developer
05 Mar 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Rasha, a Fastmail developer, who untangles customer issues with technical expertise.

27 Jun 2018 Advanced

Yesterday the Electronic Frontier Foundation released a new website for their STARTTLS Everywhere project. The STARTTLS Everywhere project has actually been going on for a number of years, but yesterday’s reboot got a new website, new logos and a renewed marketing push, so it’s been getting a lot of press. The aim of the campaign […]

Meet The Team: Rik, CTO
23 Dec 2017 Meet Our Team

Ricardo (Rik) Signes is Fastmail’s CTO. He joined our team in 2015 when Fastmail acquired Pobox in Philadelphia. Get to know Rik! What I work on Historically, I have been the primary programmer on Pobox and Listbox, and I did a lot of work in the last few years building the framework of Topicbox. But […]

Meet the Team: Kourtnee, Support
17 Dec 2017 Meet Our Team

If you ever have a problem with your service, we have a team of friendly and knowledgeable support staff ready to help you out. Meet Kourtnee! Name: Kourtnee Mitchell Role: Support Agent What I work on My day is mainly support requests and working through customers’ issues — be it deliverability or email configuration. I’m […]

Meet the Team: Jamie, Design
03 Dec 2017 Meet Our Team

Jamie is responsible for helping to keep all of our branding and marketing collateral in check and is an integral part of our team. Name: Jamie Toyama Role: Senior Graphic Designer Time working for FastMail: One year Background I have been a Designer for over 19 years now. After finishing uni I got my first […]

24 Feb 2017 Company

This week, Cloudflare disclosed a major security breach, affecting hundreds of thousands of services’ customer security. While FastMail uses Cloudflare, your information is safe, and it is not necessary to change your password. The Cloudflare security breach affects services using Cloudflare to serve website information. When you go to our website (or read your email, […]

Meet the Team: Rob N, Platform
11 Dec 2016 Meet Our Team

Meet Rob N, the heart of the Fastmail infrastructure team. What I work on What don’t I work on?! I keep everything running smoothly and try to remove obstacles for everyone else, whether staff or customers. How did you get involved with Fastmail? I was working on email at my last employer for 13 years, […]