Fly Through Your Day with Fastmail on Mobile

An updated interface brings better usability and readability to Fastmail’s mobile apps.

Getting things done on your mobile devices just got a whole lot easier. Our apps are updated to match how you use email on the go—whether you’re trying to find something or get through your inbox quickly.

It’s the same Fastmail you know and love, with a modern new look, spacious layout for tapping, single-handed navigation, and a readable typeface. Now, there’s more to love about Fastmail on your device.

Key touch-points come to you

Thumbs are the most crucial finger for mobile navigation and are used to hit most icons and buttons. You probably do this without noticing.

To bring important touch-points to you, we’ve put them under your thumb. Add a new item in the lower right corner of your screen, be it a new email, calendar event, note, or file.

Slide to see all your tools

Find all of your tools with one gesture. Use the bottom navigation slider to go to any area of Fastmail you want. Jump from email to calendar, or notes to settings, without lifting a finger.

A thumb-friendly experience means you can navigate single-handedly.

Better productivity using calendars too

See all of your calendars and calendar groups on a new left-side menu. It’s consistent with where you look for email folders in your inbox. Files users will see a new menu here too!

With our new design, you’ll know where to tap to change how you view your calendars by month, week, or day. You’ll see it right away!

Style updates, so you get the most out of your time

A de-cluttered workspace is necessary to breeze through your day. Our style changes are all about helping you achieve productivity and efficiency.

Modern-looking icons freshen up the left and bottom navigation. Enjoy luxurious space for browsing around a small touchscreen with a new finger-friendly design.

Fonts are larger, and we’re using an extremely readable typeface so that you process what you’re looking at right away.

Building products for people is what we do best at Fastmail. Get back to your day with mobile updates that are respectful of your time and thoughtful about all that you do.

Download the Fastmail app for your phone and tablet on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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