Add People to Fastmail on Any Plan You Choose

Everyone gets the right features with a mix of Basic, Standard, and Professional plans.

When you get Fastmail for your family or colleagues, they should get the features they want, while you pay only for the features they need. Mix and match pricing lets you pick the best plans for you and the people on your account.

Our Basic, Standard, and Professional plans offer something for everyone. Basic plans offer privacy-focused email you can depend on. Standard plans provide all the features you love that help you spend less time on email. For the email pro, Professional plans give you tons of storage and a tamper-proof email retention archive, which keep your records safe forever.

Once you pick the plan best for you, you can share the benefits of Fastmail with others at any plan level, and you can even share your domains with them.

Share your custom domain with Basic users

Emailing from your custom domain is the best way to own your email identity. You don’t have to borrow an email address from a corporation or brand. Anyone on the Standard or Professional plans can use their own domain, be it you@yourfamily or you@yourcompany.

You can share your domain for people on the Basic plan, which is a more affordable plan for people with less storage and feature needs. If you’re giving Fastmail to your family, as long as you have a Standard or Professional plan, everyone can email from your family’s domain, helping you save money. The same goes for your business or anything you use a custom domain for, such as volunteer work or a passion project, that you’d want to share with others.

Better privacy for those you love

Digital privacy is important for every member of the family, no matter their age. Email is important to safeguard because it holds what you do, think, buy, and the places you go. The ability to mix plans is all about making it possible for you to share Fastmail with the people in your life.

We’ve heard you say how important your choices are, and we’re listening. Fastmail plans now come with more features and options than ever before, and we’re bringing back the ability for you to choose the right plan for the people on your account.

More conveniences for your busy life

Make your life easier by nesting your family or team’s emails under one admin account. You can do everything you need to do in one place, such as add or remove people on your account and upgrade or downgrade their level plan. You can also manage account settings, monitor storage usage, review a single invoice for all your accounts, and oversee custom domains and aliases.

Personalized for better email experiences

Custom features are what you’d expect from independent businesses that put you first. This is the kind of service you get at Fastmail, and it’s what drives us to offer more features tailored to fit your unique needs.

Add new users on Basic, Standard, or Professional plans today in your account under Settings → Users.

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