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Many of our users like to tell us, or others, just how much they love FastMail.

And we certainly appreciate all of those kind words – it definitely puts a little extra spring in our collective steps!

So earlier last year we got to thinking about how we could reward our most-favourite FastMail Advocates, and this resulted in the launch of our FastMail Referral Program.

The FastMail Referral Program has been running for about a year and so far it’s been a great success.

In its most simple terms, the FastMail Referral Program is designed to reward our current users AND the new customers they refer to FastMail.

For every user you refer you receive free credit on your account, and new customers receive a 10% discount, for a whole year!

And if you earn more than $100 of referral credit you can raise a support ticket and request to have your credit paid out to your PayPal account.

Spread the love and be rewarded!

We’ve given every FastMail account administrator – if you have an individual user account then that’s you! – their own referral link. You can find it on your Settings-> Referrals menu page within the FastMail web interface.

You can share your referral link with whoever you like – friends, family, colleagues, even through your social channels.

Once a new customer signs up to a paid FastMail account via your link you’ll earn account credit, paid monthly, for every one of your referred users during their first year.

But wait there’s more…

Any new user that signs up to a FastMail account via your referral link will receive a 10% discount for the first year of their account.

And that’s for all purchases made during that year. If they run a growing business and need to add five new accounts later during that first year, then all of those users can be added at the discounted rate – and you’ll also receive additional account credit for the remainder of their discounted period.

If they also purchase additional storage for their account during that time, then yes, that’s discounted too. Which also means a little bit of extra account credit for you!

So think of this post as a friendly feel-good reminder just in time for the holiday period.

Of course, there are just a few basic terms and conditions we’d like you to be aware of, however other than that let the referring begin! Or simply continue…

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