2016: The year in review

2016 has been another busy year. In addition to a ton of Fastmail enhancements, a major project has been integrating Pobox email forwarding and Listbox listserves/email marketing, into the Fastmail fold.
FastMail team 2016

We’ve been working with our US friends on a new product that combines our expertise. It’s in testing now, so stay tuned for more details! There have been multiple staff visiting both ways between our cities during the year, and we’re enjoying spending time with and learning from each other.

Email usage is becoming more mobile, so much of this year has been a push to make sure Fastmail scales from handheld devices up to the highest resolution desktops, providing a great experience at every size. We’ve been replacing the server-generated HTML pages with the modern, responsive design of our single page application. We converted most of the settings back in February and mobile access to file storage is not far off.

We will keep following the latest technologies and integrating with platforms in 2017 as we focus on making your mobile email experience even faster and more efficient.

More and more businesses are choosing Fastmail for their team. To support them, we’ve rolled out simplified billing and user management. Because we know business doesn’t stop when you’re out of the office, it’s now possible to manage users and billing on mobile.

Under the hood, our Cyrus IMAP server now lets you share mailboxes across domains, and calendars have gotten better, including push for iOS and automatic invitation processing. While these features are available on all accounts, they’re especially important for teams managing busy work calendars.

Most importantly, we’ve continued improving the security of your digital identity, posting a “Christmas in July” series of posts on our new security tools. If you missed these the first time around, they’re definitely worth a read to understand how Fastmail protects the keys to your digital identity.

Speaking of security, look for our next post on how to secure your passwords!

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