New Family Plans and Pricing

Today we are introducing new plans and pricing for new Fastmail customers, offering prices in many global currencies and launching some great deals to get your whole family on Fastmail.

Introducing Family and Duo plans

New multi-user plans make Fastmail more affordable for your household. The new Duo plan gives secure, private email to you and a partner at a reduced price. For just a little more, our Family plan includes up to six people, so you can upgrade your whole family.

With each plan, individual users will have separate login information, mailboxes, and 50 GB of storage. Additionally, users on these plans can share custom domains and create private or shared calendars and address books. Keep the family calendar in one easy-to-access location while still maintaining your personal and work emails securely and separately. And with Fastmail, you’ll enjoy great features that include:

  • As always, secure, private, and easy-to-access email
  • Folders, labels, calendars, and contacts for a seamless transition
  • Great search—turning your email archive from a pile of words into a gold mine of information
  • Pin, snooze, or mute conversations to stay in control of your inbox
  • Masked Email addresses to keep your real email address private and stop your activity from being tracked across the web

Better billing for global customers

Fastmail is now available in over 20 global currencies. Rather than billing everyone in US dollars, we will allow almost all of our customers to pay in their local currency, giving you stable pricing and avoiding the added cost of currency conversion.

Increased storage for Business Plans

Our existing Basic, Standard, and Professional plans remain as options for businesses to mix-and-match to suit their needs. To ensure your email can continue to serve as your electronic memory, we are increasing storage for both Basic and Standard.

Our Basic plan increases from 2 GB to 5 GB storage, and our Standard plan is increasing from 30 GB to 50 GB. This is effective immediately for all users on these plans.

We have introduced new prices for all three plans, now in 20 supported currencies, not just US dollars.

Information for existing customers

We’re thrilled by your excitement about these new plans! We’ve updated storage for all existing Basic and Standard users today at no extra cost.

We’ll be moving everyone to our new plans and pricing later this year, as soon as we’re able to. This will include billing you in the local currency of your billing country when supported.

We’ll email you at least 30 days before your first renewal under the new plans to ensure you have all the details, including the price of your renewal, which may change. You’ll also have the option to switch to our Duo or Family plan at that time.

The last update to our plans was in 2017, and since then, we have introduced huge improvements to Fastmail, such as:

As for many businesses, our operating costs have also risen significantly in that time. Your subscription allows us to operate an email service free from advertising or data mining. It also supports our contributions to open standards — where we’re at the forefront of keeping email open for the future — and funds the development of new features. We deeply appreciate your support, and believe this change will help us to continue to deliver the best value to you now and in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding how these changes will affect you, please visit our help page.

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