Digital Citizen – Season 3 Trailer

19 Mar 2024 Season 3 Trailer Back to episodes
Digital Citizen:

Digital Citizen – Season 3 Trailer

19 Mar 2024 Season 3

Listen to a snapshot of Digital Citizen, a Fastmail Podcast. Hear clips from our guests and their perspectives on how we can all become better digital citizens.

Episode Notes

The ‘Digital Citizen’ podcast, hosted by Ricardo Signes and co-host Haley Hnatuk, aims to guide listeners in using the internet more thoughtfully. The show features discussions with leading technology experts focusing on the changing dynamics of cybersecurity, social media, and the overall digital environment. It emphasizes the importance of remembering the human element behind technology, offering practical advice on becoming a better digital citizen. The podcast encourages listeners to adapt to the ever-changing digital world and promotes positive technological change and innovation.

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Ricardo Signes: Our digital world is rapidly evolving. Just when you think you have a grasp on cyber security or social media discourse, there’s always a new variable that affects the way we interact with the technology around us. Digital Citizen is a podcast that explores ways for you to use the internet more intelligently and thoughtfully.

Haley Hnatuk: Fastmail has been the leader in email privacy for over 20 years. Join Ricardo Signes, as he talks to some of the leading minds in technology, and dives deeper into the human element of our digital world.

Dan Rhoton: I think the really dangerous thing is to imagine that things will stay the way they are because they won’t.

Ricardo Signes: This podcast examines the benefits and challenges that internet users experience while offering practical steps to become a better digital citizen.

Will Toms: I think something weird happens when you get on the internet, where all of a sudden you think you have to be a whole different person than you actually are, If you take a step back, there is a lot that we can learn about how to engage online from how we engage in real life.

Haley Hnatuk: Whether you’re navigating social media’s increased presence across multiple professional industries…

JiaJia Fei: Social media is something that is going to take a life of its own. We’re now seeing artists, essentially creating content to fit how the Instagram algorithm will optimize that image.

Haley Hnatuk: Or establishing a balance between personal connection and digital interaction..

Zachary Fine: We believe that play is an integral part of every day and should be not only for children, but for adults, and if we can integrate that play into the workday, it increases people’s ability to connect and, essentially, their general well-being.

Ricardo Signes: It’s important to remember the human behind the machine, as we strive to use technology to our advantage for positive change and effective innovation. Subscribe to Digital Citizen wherever you listen to podcasts, and start your journey to becoming a better digital citizen.

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