So many kind words.

It’s one thing for us to tell you FastMail is great.
But it means so much more when our customers say it too.

I switched from Rackspace email hosting to @FastMail , and I’ve been _so_ _happy_ with their spam filtering. (Everything else too)

ckdake (@ckdake).

I have been hosting for years using @FastMail. Never had any issues with my email. Highly recommended.

François Beausoleil (@fbeausoleil).

WOW! @FastMail is fast! I am testing Fastmail and the #webmail is really fast compared to Google G-Suite and Apple iCloud Mail.

Geigabyte (@geigabyte).

My FastMail subscription for 2018 just went through. It's probably the best money I spend online every year.

Zach Waldowski (@zwaldowski).

Just switched to @FastMail. It takes one thing and does it well - really well. Recommended.

Nick Vella (@nvella_).

FastMail for mail, super happy, zero downtime, 100% privacy, crazy security levels

Oskar Krawczyk🌴 (@oskar).

Now using @FastMail and so far am loving it. Works much better on my preferred apps (native Apple Mail on macOS and iOS) than Gmail.

Bryce Wray (@BryceWrayTX).

I left Gmail for FastMail 2 years ago, haven't looked back. You'd be surprised how easy it was. If you care about y……

Kevin Bongart (@KevinBongart).

I've been with @FastMail for a while. They do one thing, and do it very very well. It's more than worth the money.…

Simon Ringsmuth (@sringsmuth).

I can’t recommend Fastmail highly enough.

Jared Sorge (@jsorge).

After six months of using @FastMail I can say it is definitely a lot better than Gmail, especially the mobile app

Ryan Lin (@ryansslin).

I love @FastMail. Been trying to de-Google this year & this was the best email service I tried. I'm not the product, I'm a customer. Love it

unclekyle (@unclekyle).

I cannot recommend @FastMail enough for email.

Tim McJones (@The_McJones).

I’ve been a (very) happy @FastMail customer for years!

Dustin Shields-Cloues (@dcloues).

+1. Really liking being off gmail with @FastMail. Excellent multi-domain and wildcard support, family plan……

lorrikeet whisperer (@benhardy).

Helping a friend sign up to @FastMail this morning. Best email service I've ever had.

Sam Wilson (@samwilson).

I'm in love with @FastMail's service and user experience. Such a good one!

Nirmal Almara (@nirmalalmara).

Been using @FastMail for a while. Not only to keep ads out & support a great product, but b/c it feels right to pay for basics like e-mail.

Timo Würsch (@timo3000).

Renewed my subscription today. Here's to another amazing year(s) with @FastMail . Lovely interface, fast, and most importantly, reliable.

Prinny 2.0-h3yd0od (@nuclearprinny).

Oh, I've forgot to talk about @FastMail. I like to pay for my email with money instead of ads, and FastMail is basically the best service.

@sweden / Austin (@sweden).

Realised that I’ve been happily using @FastMail for over 15 years. Kudos for a great service guys!

Andrew Berry (@drpump95).

I just switched to @FastMail today. The import tool was wonderful. Their mail server lives up to it’s name, FAST. Also IMAP Push on iOS. 👌

Nate: 🖕@AjitPaiFCC (@ndaught).

I can recommend @FastMail. Their mobile and web clients are excellent!

The General (@timolaak).

PSA: FastMail is awesome. Spam filters as good as google, privacy, no ads, zero problems, and just works great.

Paul Hubbard (@pfhubbard).

is amazing! I’m a long term user with no regrets whatsoever!

Paweł Grzybek (@pawelgrzybek).

Hey @FastMail, your customer service rocks, you know?

Jérémie Fontana (@SkyNebula).

@FastMail Yes, you fix it in ten minutes! Thank you. #awesome

Amadeusz Wieczorek (@HiAmadeus).

Shout out to @FastMail... Awesome service at affordable prices. I host my blog and mail here.

Yurizal (@Yuri_Boya).

I have settled on Excellent email service, as well as calendar and contact sync and integration. Love it!

Mike Bronner (@mikebronner).

Man, @FastMail's web mail client is really good.

Andrew Janke (@apjanke).

I cannot give @FastMail a stronger endorsement. Needed a few custom domain e-mail address and it is just really solid, fast, and unobtrusive

Eric Florenzano (@ericflo).

Just switched to @FastMail after using gmail for the past 11 years. Couldn’t be happier with my decision! Fast, slick, and private!

Pavel Ushakov (@firmdot).

After a couple years with them, @FastMail is so reliable and essential I bought five years of service up front

Spanish California (@_danilo).

Just finishing migrating all my personal email from Google to @FastMail! A+ would migrate again.

Keith Pitt (@keithpitt).

Still really happy with @FastMail, both for business and personal mail. Keep up the great work, folks!

Job 🚒 💻 (@detonite).

To my surprise @FastMail’s push is more seamless on iOS than Apple’s own iCloud email service.

Laurent Boileau (@laurentboileau).

Fastmail's interface is about 100x faster than Gmail's now.

Vishnu Gopal (@vishnugopal).

Wow - @FastMail is pretty fantastic!

Andy (@iamalsoandy).

Man, @FastMail is so much better than everything else... Definitely using it for my biz email. Wish I could give up my 13 y/o Gmail addy.

Mathew Schaffer (@mschaffer).

I absolutely agree, @FastMail is head and shoulders in front of other email providers for simplicity and, when need……

Greg Baker (@gregnbaker).

Impressed by @FastMail’s spam protection. On par w/ @gmail and more informative (showing spam scores, better filter control)

Maarten den Braber (@mdbraber).

I've been using @FastMail for the past 3 years and it's consistently awesome! Moved my calendar there too.

George Stefanis (@stefanisg).

I just switched to @FastMail, and I'm amazed at how fast everything is. The web UI is an example of how to make web apps.

Stavros Korokithakis (@Stavros).

Epic customer support from @FastMail as always!

Victor Figol ⚡️ (@victorfigol).

Today marks my first full paid year as a @FastMail user! Couldn't be happier with them. 💯

ѕаіит иіск 🎄 (@virtualwolf).

Really enjoying my new @FastMail account. Painless migration of domain and emails from old provider. Painless setup on desktop and mobile!

Radu Popescu (@iradupopescu).

It's the easiest spending decision I make all year. @FastMail offers private, secure, no-track email, calendaring:

Wayne W. Hall Jr. (@autography).

After years of @marcoarment’s recommendations, moved my dad over to @FastMail. This is great. Going to move myself next. Shoulda long ago.

Zev Eisenberg (@ZevEisenberg).

I use @FastMail for DNS hosting of my domain and my primary email provider. Never known a better email service. Seriously.

i_have_enough (@i_have_enough).

@FastMail Just moved my domain to Fastmail. The name says it all. Great speed and incredible features. Best decision I’ve made in a while.

Jim Mitchell (@HMFWIC).