So many kind words.

It’s one thing for us to tell you FastMail is great.
But it means so much more when our customers say it too.

I've mostly transitioned over to @FastMailFM for my personal email, inc. using a custom domain. I have been really impressed.

Shout out to @FastMailFM for being the best email company out there.

Been loving the move to @FastMailFM (and thus my own domain). Great service they offer there and worth the money:

I stopped using Gmail and switched to @FastMailFM. I love having push email again. Also, subdominan addressing.…

And just for the record, I love you @FastMailFM. Thank you for doing a great job. I am happy.

Spam filtering from @FastMailFM is so good that I asked their support to see if I accidentally turned on an auto delete setting. I had not.

@drdrang Fastmail has been working flawlessly on all my devices for almost a year now. Switched from Gmail

@FastMailFM Subscription renewed, cant fault it. It works, own domain, great service.

Gmail is so darn slow compared to the Fastmail web app.

@FastMailFM is fully secure & so mobile friendly. This is the best email service I ever seen.

I dunno what happend to my @FastMailFM account a week ago, but all of a sudden it started murdering incoming spam for real. Feels great!

Renewed my Fastmail service. Money well spent!

@elktea @kylie_j_s yep I recommend @FastMailFM, been a happy customer for 15yrs. No ads, no spying, good Web interface plus IMAP.

If you’d rather pay for a product than be a product of a free service, I highly recommend

@tobyx @Mike_Hartley @FastMailFM it’s the perfect example of a service that is totally under-hyped, but constantly over-delivers :)

@bastianallgeier @tobyx Fastmail are great! I’ve used them for a year or so now.

I'm trying out @FastMailFM. Mail, calendar and contacts under the same roof. It's really really fast and I'm really impressed so far!

Love @FastMailFM integration with google calendar events. Just works.

Migrating mails from old mail server to @FastMailFM. It just works. #fastmail

Review: @FastMailFM is an excellent paid email service. They also offer push support to iOS and OS X (which Gmail doesn’t do).

The FastMail web interfaces is also amazing. Works great on mobile too.

Happy to be back with @FastMailFM, only email that has ever been totally secure for me with no hassles at all.

I think @FastMailFM is one of the few services where I prefer the web interface over a native client, it’s so quick! #GottaGoFast #LikeSonic

I’m genuinely happy to pay @FastMailFM for another year of service, my email has been trouble free the entire time.

Fastmail is the best email service on the planet, bar none.…

@nealrs @FastMailFM is phenomenal, good solid IMAP support, nice webmail client and REAL PUSH (native) on iOS mail client over imap

Got my yearly @FastMailFM renewal notice this morning. Might be the best $40 I spend on digital services each year.

Finally got off of Google Apps and moved to @FastMailFM. Migration was dead simple, they're crazy fast, and spam filtering works! Thanks!

Finally gave in last night and moved our email to @FastMailFM. Lovely and simple setup to migrate our domains!

Had to use @FastMailFM support for the first time after 2 years. They were courteous and professional. Hooray.

It's stupid how happy we are with email now that we moved to #Fastmail. They are straight up murdering my spam.

If I could snap a finger and have all of my oft-used domains’ email moved from Google apps to @FastMailFM, I think I would. It’s fantastic

Switched over to @FastMailFM last week and very much enjoying rock solid and frankly fast service. Also nice to have push on the ol' iPhone.

@drdrang Moved my personal domain from Gmail to FastMail last week. It has been flawless. You can even get push mail on iOS with FastMail.

@drdrang switching to @FastMailFM was the best thing for improving my email reliability. Been bulletproof for 2 years now.

Migrated to #fastmail overnight. It's so fast and everything pushes perfectly, even Apple Mail. See #office365, it isn't that hard.

It’s already been two years since I moved to @FastMailFM and couldn’t be happier 😍

Getting a reply on the same weekend day I asked a question is one of the reasons paying @FastMailFM is worth every cent for email hosting.

@bstettenbenz @rgriff I recommend @FastMailFM. Been a client for over 10yrs; they keep doing amazing work:

@FastMailFM Guys I LOVE your web interface. the VIM-like keyboard shortcuts are already enough to hook me in!

Moved my email hosting to @FastMailFM this week. It's excellent, and the mobile app beats an IMAP client hands down. Search works, quickly.

. @FastMailFM is 1/3 less expensive and like 100x faster than my old host. And I got to import my email archives in a few hours. Awesome.

@adamhrv I’d dare to say fastmail’s spam filters are better than gmails (at least in my experience)

Finally made the move from gmail to fastmail. Loving it so far!

@jcenters @RealDarrenCohen @jsnell Switching to Fastmail was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Love it.

Have been using Fastmail for 10 years now and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Fantastic outfit.…

One day with @FastMailFM and I would recommend them to anyone. Efficient and polite customer support and fast Web interface. Bye, Google.

I just finished migrating 11 years and 48k of emails thanks to @FastMailFM and their superb tools. Fantastic value for money. It just works.

Most bills I have to pay. @fastmailfm and @feedbin I like to pay.

proper native apple mail push support from @FastMailFM is such a killer feature. So good for people with their own domain.

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