So many kind words.

It’s one thing for us to tell you FastMail is great.
But it means so much more when our customers say it too.

Had to use @FastMailFM support for the first time after 2 years. They were courteous and professional. Hooray.

It's stupid how happy we are with email now that we moved to #Fastmail. They are straight up murdering my spam.

If I could snap a finger and have all of my oft-used domains’ email moved from Google apps to @FastMailFM, I think I would. It’s fantastic

Switched over to @FastMailFM last week and very much enjoying rock solid and frankly fast service. Also nice to have push on the ol' iPhone.

@drdrang Moved my personal domain from Gmail to FastMail last week. It has been flawless. You can even get push mail on iOS with FastMail.

@drdrang switching to @FastMailFM was the best thing for improving my email reliability. Been bulletproof for 2 years now.

Migrated to #fastmail overnight. It's so fast and everything pushes perfectly, even Apple Mail. See #office365, it isn't that hard.

It’s already been two years since I moved to @FastMailFM and couldn’t be happier 😍

Getting a reply on the same weekend day I asked a question is one of the reasons paying @FastMailFM is worth every cent for email hosting.

@bstettenbenz @rgriff I recommend @FastMailFM. Been a client for over 10yrs; they keep doing amazing work:

@FastMailFM Guys I LOVE your web interface. the VIM-like keyboard shortcuts are already enough to hook me in!

Moved my email hosting to @FastMailFM this week. It's excellent, and the mobile app beats an IMAP client hands down. Search works, quickly.

. @FastMailFM is 1/3 less expensive and like 100x faster than my old host. And I got to import my email archives in a few hours. Awesome.

@adamhrv I’d dare to say fastmail’s spam filters are better than gmails (at least in my experience)

Finally made the move from gmail to fastmail. Loving it so far!

Have been using Fastmail for 10 years now and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Fantastic outfit.…

One day with @FastMailFM and I would recommend them to anyone. Efficient and polite customer support and fast Web interface. Bye, Google.

I just finished migrating 11 years and 48k of emails thanks to @FastMailFM and their superb tools. Fantastic value for money. It just works.

Most bills I have to pay. @fastmailfm and @feedbin I like to pay.

proper native apple mail push support from @FastMailFM is such a killer feature. So good for people with their own domain.

@FastMailFM Switched do Fastmail almost a year ago. Never experienced such realiable and fast mail. Once you try it you stay forever.

@austinmann @FastMailFM #1 reason for me, privacy. They don’t use their clients’ data unlike Google. iOS app is fast & amazing, & then some.

@FastMailFM has turned webmail on it's head. Such a great experience from desktop to tablet to mobile. Nice work guys!

@keithpitt haven't missed any features since switching to fastmail. FM actually has push support for iOS which is great

Just had the best support experience with @FastMailFM. Knowledgeable, friendly, quick to response and up to the point help. Excellent!!

@FastMailFM Just bought 3 more years of reliable e-mail service. I love the pro abilities with aliases and all the filters.

@ianlandsman FastMail - rock solid service, good web interface and mobile

Just experienced flawless support from @FastMailFM Fast, painless and wasn't even their error. If you want it done properly get Fastmail.

Really liking my test drive of #fastmail. Simple and powerful email. Stuff just works. Fast.

I switched from Gmail to @FastMailFM for the email. What I didn't realize was how much I would love the calendar. Hooray for functionality!

People are often gobsmacked when they hear I'm paying for email services. They've never used @FastMailFM though. I'm wondering why...📧 🔐 📆 🎫

Migrating domains on @FastmailFM was so easy, I have no words for how great that was.

@FastMailFM Everytime I use your service, I'm happy to be a customer. Amazing features, especially the Custom DNS management.

Been a @FastMailFM customer for over 12 Years. Just upgraded to Enhanced and reaping benefits of hosting domain with Fastmail. Bye Bye Spam!

So @FastMailFM is pretty much exactly how I would run an email service except, y'know, professional. Worth every cent.

@rogertinsley Fastmail is hands down the best email service I've ever used. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. And they keep improving it.

Moved my email from Google to @FastMailFM, feel so much better now.

Spent the last week moving my email away from Gmail and on to @FastMailFM -- I could not be happier! Should have done this years ago

Ready for private/secure email? Dump gmail & use @fastmailfm! Super pleased after 6mo. Great w/custom domain Referral

Really loving @FastMailFM. Not only is the email fast and fun their customer service too is fast, second to none.

It's quiet, too quiet. No #spam since 25/07 @FastMailFM beats the rest hands down.

Just over a year since I switched to @FastMailFM and I love it even more than ever.

@jts__ I can’t recommend fastmail enough. Seriously the fastest and most solid mail provider. Waaay better than google.

Push support on iOS just the latest of many reasons why I use @FastMailFM for my own email, *despite running mail servers professionally*

I've been using for email for over a year & heartily recommend it. Nice UI. Keyboard friendly. Fast. Customizable.

Thoroughly impressed by @FastMailFM Great alternative to @gmail and @googlecalendar with fantastic customer support

Migrated my email, address book and calendar from Google to Fastmail - Super easy, loving the interface.

For anyone who doubts that speed is a feature, yeah, check out fastmail.

Have I mentioned how much I love FastMail? FastMail is awesome.

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