So many kind words.

It’s one thing for us to tell you FastMail is great.
But it means so much more when our customers say it too.

@jcenters @RealDarrenCohen @jsnell Switching to Fastmail was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Love it.

Have been using Fastmail for 10 years now and I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Fantastic outfit.…

One day with @FastMailFM and I would recommend them to anyone. Efficient and polite customer support and fast Web interface. Bye, Google.

I just finished migrating 11 years and 48k of emails thanks to @FastMailFM and their superb tools. Fantastic value for money. It just works.

Most bills I have to pay. @fastmailfm and @feedbin I like to pay.

proper native apple mail push support from @FastMailFM is such a killer feature. So good for people with their own domain.

@FastMailFM Switched do Fastmail almost a year ago. Never experienced such realiable and fast mail. Once you try it you stay forever.

@austinmann @FastMailFM #1 reason for me, privacy. They don’t use their clients’ data unlike Google. iOS app is fast & amazing, & then some.

@FastMailFM has turned webmail on it's head. Such a great experience from desktop to tablet to mobile. Nice work guys!

@keithpitt haven't missed any features since switching to fastmail. FM actually has push support for iOS which is great

Just had the best support experience with @FastMailFM. Knowledgeable, friendly, quick to response and up to the point help. Excellent!!

@FastMailFM Just bought 3 more years of reliable e-mail service. I love the pro abilities with aliases and all the filters.

@ianlandsman FastMail - rock solid service, good web interface and mobile

Just experienced flawless support from @FastMailFM Fast, painless and wasn't even their error. If you want it done properly get Fastmail.

Really liking my test drive of #fastmail. Simple and powerful email. Stuff just works. Fast.

I switched from Gmail to @FastMailFM for the email. What I didn't realize was how much I would love the calendar. Hooray for functionality!

People are often gobsmacked when they hear I'm paying for email services. They've never used @FastMailFM though. I'm wondering why...📧 🔐 📆 🎫

Migrating domains on @FastmailFM was so easy, I have no words for how great that was.

@FastMailFM Everytime I use your service, I'm happy to be a customer. Amazing features, especially the Custom DNS management.

Been a @FastMailFM customer for over 12 Years. Just upgraded to Enhanced and reaping benefits of hosting domain with Fastmail. Bye Bye Spam!

So @FastMailFM is pretty much exactly how I would run an email service except, y'know, professional. Worth every cent.

@rogertinsley Fastmail is hands down the best email service I've ever used. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. And they keep improving it.

Moved my email from Google to @FastMailFM, feel so much better now.

Spent the last week moving my email away from Gmail and on to @FastMailFM -- I could not be happier! Should have done this years ago

Ready for private/secure email? Dump gmail & use @fastmailfm! Super pleased after 6mo. Great w/custom domain Referral

Really loving @FastMailFM. Not only is the email fast and fun their customer service too is fast, second to none.

It's quiet, too quiet. No #spam since 25/07 @FastMailFM beats the rest hands down.

Just over a year since I switched to @FastMailFM and I love it even more than ever.

@jts__ I can’t recommend fastmail enough. Seriously the fastest and most solid mail provider. Waaay better than google.

Push support on iOS just the latest of many reasons why I use @FastMailFM for my own email, *despite running mail servers professionally*

I've been using for email for over a year & heartily recommend it. Nice UI. Keyboard friendly. Fast. Customizable.

Thoroughly impressed by @FastMailFM Great alternative to @gmail and @googlecalendar with fantastic customer support

Migrated my email, address book and calendar from Google to Fastmail - Super easy, loving the interface.

For anyone who doubts that speed is a feature, yeah, check out fastmail.

Have I mentioned how much I love FastMail? FastMail is awesome.

Migrating Gmail accounts to @FastMailFM. I’m extremely impressed.

I’m one hundred million per cent happy with my move to @fastmailfm. If email’s important to you, check them out:

@FastMailFM love your webmail. It's so fast i don't even use a desktop app (apart from the iphone app) :)

@IvanTomica you'll never find a better webmail interface than Fastmail, nor a faster mail service.

Switched from OVH to @FastMailFM, I can't believe how fast and great it is. I'm finally happy with my emails! Yes, @OVH sucks big time…

Unprompted endorsement: @FastmailFM makes my digital life more my own. Haven't thought about email perf, reliability in yrs. Just works.

Re last tweet: I happily pay @FastMailFM for its outstanding email service. I simply grew tired of the prevailing digital bargain.

@FastMailFM after more than a month of free trial I decided to pay for 3 years subscription. I was impressed with the performance.

I <3 @FastMailFM support team. Well done.

Just signed up for @FastMailFM enhanced plan after a 60 day trial. Awesome email service!

After trialling FastMail for a month, I've just paid for a year. Awesome service! Great value if you have lots of domains that need email

I moved my mail over to @FastMailFM I pay: ~$3/month I get: speed, smarts, security I don’t get: tracked, data retained, ads.

thank you @FastMailFM for such a brilliant service, no other calendar app does it so easy.

Just subscribed for a year of @FastMailFM! Super excited to become a user, not a product.

Advanced email search from @FastMailFM just made the service pay for itself. Appreciate the terrific service from their team.

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