So many kind words.

It’s one thing for us to tell you FastMail is great.
But it means so much more when our customers say it too.

After trialling FastMail for a month, I've just paid for a year. Awesome service! Great value if you have lots of domains that need email

I moved my mail over to @FastMailFM I pay: ~$3/month I get: speed, smarts, security I don’t get: tracked, data retained, ads.

thank you @FastMailFM for such a brilliant service, no other calendar app does it so easy.

Just subscribed for a year of @FastMailFM! Super excited to become a user, not a product.

Advanced email search from @FastMailFM just made the service pay for itself. Appreciate the terrific service from their team.

@FastMailFM I've been a subscriber since '02. These Aussies know how to run a system for the people and not for the advertisers. Email on...

Just happily paid for another 2 years of @FastMailFM service. I've been using them since 2004 and can't recommend them highly enough.

Successfully moved email over to @FastMailFM Amazing how fast emails load. Migration from Google Apps? Super easy. TY @erinanacker

Ok, @FastMailFM, tell me one thing and I’m yours. Where have you been for all my life?!

Started #Fastmail trial 5 minutes ago and I’m already willing to leave everything else, including #Gmail and #Outlook.

I recently transitioned all of my email to - love it! Worth $40/year and part of plan to prefer being paying customer

I tried it. I was amazed how good it was. So I paid for it. Thanks @FastMailFM for providing such a great service.

.@fastmailfm really is the best when it comes to email hosting. Power user’s dream come true.

After using the @FastMailFM web interface for the past few weeks, I'm hooked! Blazing fast and tons of shortcuts. Good riddance!

@FastMailFM support is top notch! Can't imagine having my email accounts someplace else.

Geez. @FastMailFM has one of the most kick ass web apps. Insanely responsive and smooth on both desktop and mobile

Been using @FastMailFM for close to a year. Super dang happy with it.

Blown away by Fastmail web UI. Their upcoming support for CardDAV is just icing on a cake.

Moving all my domain emails to Fastmail has been a great decision. Fantastic IMAP with lots of backend options and settings

I'm well into my @FastMailFM trial period now and I'm really impressed. It's a really solid service and I'm becoming a paid customer today.

@FastMail since Dec 2003. Over 10y and still happy. Thank you. :) Others still don't hold up to this.

After using @FastMailFM for a year.. I'm all in and upgraded my account. Only regret: that I didn't switch sooner.

FastMail has just put to shame every SaaS product I've ever paid for - from Atlassian to Gmail (yes I paid) Simple. Functional. No Bullshit.

Very satisfied with @FastMailFM so far. Highly recommended.

Migrated all my email over from Google Apps to @fastmailfm. Their IMAP migration made it seamless. 10/10 service so far.

Thank you @FastMailFM for a great product. We moved last week and are loving the experience. #thingsjustwork

@FastMailFM has made me love email again. That's all I have to say. #GoodRiddanceToGoogle #Sysadmin

@killeryellow I use FastMail. Love their service. Absolutely worth the money.

Switched to @FastMailFM from Google Apps. Should've done it long time ago. Best email service by far.

I have been using @FastMailFM for 11 years - it's never been less than awesome.

We hold these truths to be self-evident #WHTTTBSE: @fastmail is the best email provider in the world

Man. I switched my domain's email to @FastMailFM and it was working within an hour. That's insane(ly great).

Finally switched over to @FastMailFM from Gmail and wondering why I didn't do this like five years ago, it's excellent!

a month after switching, I regret using Google Apps' email instead of FastMail for as long as I did. I should have switched long ago

Using @FastmailFM, I am the customer. Not the product. So I get responses from real people. Not "figure it out yourself" self service.

I've been using @FastMailFM for a while. Awesome service and I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who wants to switch from @Google app.

IMO, @FastMailFM is by far the best mail service out there. Incredible user experience.

Wow! The multi-device sync on @FastMailFM is absolutely seamless. Haven't been that impressed with a software feature in a while.

Thank you for your replies! I just switched to @FastMailFM for my emails, contacts & calendars. This switch couldn't be easier <3

It's amazing how good Fastmail's IMAP sync is. Using is a pleasure.

@FastMailFM I bought an account instantly when I saw your web mail interface. Not only the presentation but the speed is incredible.

Renewed my subscription with FastMail for another two years. Absolutely love the service.

I am seriously in love with @FastMailFM! Getting everything working so seamlessly has never been this easy and fun!

@thibaultmilan @FastMailFM if you want the best email hosting with the best webmail, you’ve found the right service.

@janl FastMail does it quite good. Search, IMAP performance and the Web interface are a dream (IMHO)

This year I shifted my primary mail from Gmail to @FastMailFM. For old friends in china facing recent Gmail block, I'd recommend it. Awesome

@troyd been a Fastmail customer for years. Very happy with the service.

moved to FastMail. IMAP auto migration was easier than I thought possible. webmail is cleaner & faster than Gmail. the staff has names. 👍

FastMail... another year of genuinely the fastest, most comprehensive email service there is ! A pleasure to use. Thanks @FastMailFM

@Robertoross I made the switch to @FastMailFM a few months ago and never looked back. So good

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