So many kind words.

It’s one thing for us to tell you FastMail is great.
But it means so much more when our customers say it too.

Finally got around to setting up Mutt with Fastmail now that I've fully switched over. offlineimap syncing with Fa……

Steve Losh (@stevelosh).

Status update: still super impressed by how fast the @FastMail UI is

Thorsten Ball (@thorstenball).

This is how you run a business, people! Mad respect right now, glad I made the change! Keep being awesome fast mail……

Jay 🎸 (@jcore92).

I couldn't be happier with FastMail and highly recommend you consider using them.…

Sam Whited (@SamWhited).

I've been using @FastMail for a few years on my personal email and it works great. Highly recommend it.

Jonathan Tarud (@jonathant).

Migrated twelve years of Emails & several accounts from Gmail to @FastMail and I'm like wow! - Fastmail is the Zen……

Ugur Tarlig (@utarlig).

I am falling in love with the simplicity and beauty of the interface of the email service @FastMail // Bye bye……

Ugur Tarlig (@utarlig).

I know I keep saying it, but I'm so happy with @FastMail!

Bruce Toews (@Bruce_Toews).

I took the plunge and switched my personal email & calendaring to Fastmail last summer. Couldn't be happier.

Brad Leege (@bradleege).

Transferred 13 years of emails from Gmail to @FastMail.. It was totally painless! Loving Fastmail so far. Snappy in……

Chris Beckstrom (@cbfishes).

Using Fastmail has been one of the best decisions I have made.

Tony L (@tonyl).

Also with @FastMail and they are great. Good company values, transparent communication of iss……

Armin 🍁 (@mackrauss).

Just migrated from Gsuite to @FastMail and WOW! Finally I can manage my email properly on the iPhone and Mac. Who w……

Francesco Pretelli (@timefrancesco).

Happily paid the 30USD / year price for a basic @FastMail account. Fast and responsive UI, no frills or weird UX, d……

Angelos Chaidas (@chaidas).

Thanks to @FastMail support for quickly figuring out and fixing that small problem with my account. That's one of t……

Scott Nesbitt (@ScottWNesbitt).

This is one of the reasons I use @FastMail and not anything else. Level-headed, thoughtful approaches to shiny new……

Carlton Purvis (@CarltonPurvis).

Just increased my privacy quotient by moving off the goog and onto fastmail. Fantastic product, seamless migration,……

𝚏𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚔 𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚑𝚎𝚒𝚖 (@millheif).

Ponying up for FastMail was one of my A+ consumer decisions. I did it because I wanted to control my own email addr……

Sonya 🌐 Mann (@sonyaellenmann).

I switched to FastMail from @gmail over a year ago. 100% worth it, I highly recommend to anyone considering it.…

Zack (@zackmichener).

I migrated my email from Google Apps to @FastMail this weekend. It was surprisingly quick and painless. IMAP operat……

Stephen Newey (@stevenewey).

Want an alternative to gmail or outlook? Check out @FastMail — that’s what I’ve used for years. Geeky features. (L……

Giri Fox (@girifox).

If anyone is looking for a fast, secure, reliable, privacy minded email provider for business or personal, I highly……

Rebecca (@rebeccaoday).

Second that - love @FastMail - they are great ! Been using them for a couple of years with no issues 🙌🙌

Arve Solland (@ArveSolland).

FastMail for email, they are from AU and their service is awesome! :) and one of the few (If not the only……

Harold (@hsl).

@FastMail's support is Fast! 👍

Michael Koper (@michaelkoper).

Not getting paid for this but seriously you have to check out @FastMail as your email provider. Their web interface……

i_have_enough (@i_have_enough).

Four years on @FastMail… probably one of the best moves (from Gmail) I ever made. Rock solid and simple to use.

David Hall (@davidjoelhall).

I switched from Rackspace email hosting to @FastMail , and I’ve been _so_ _happy_ with their spam filtering. (Everything else too)

ckdake (@ckdake).

I have been hosting for years using @FastMail. Never had any issues with my email. Highly recommended.

François Beausoleil (@fbeausoleil).

WOW! @FastMail is fast! I am testing Fastmail and the #webmail is really fast compared to Google G-Suite and Apple iCloud Mail.

Geigabyte (@geigabyte).

My FastMail subscription for 2018 just went through. It's probably the best money I spend online every year.

Zach Waldowski (@zwaldowski).

Just switched to @FastMail. It takes one thing and does it well - really well. Recommended.

Nick Vella (@nvella_).

FastMail for mail, super happy, zero downtime, 100% privacy, crazy security levels

Oskar Krawczyk 🍍 (@oskar).

Now using @FastMail and so far am loving it. Works much better on my preferred apps (native Apple Mail on macOS and iOS) than Gmail.

Bryce Wray (@BryceWrayTX).

I left Gmail for FastMail 2 years ago, haven't looked back. You'd be surprised how easy it was. If you care about y……

Kevin Bongart (@KevinBongart).

I've been with @FastMail for a while. They do one thing, and do it very very well. It's more than worth the money.…

Simon Ringsmuth (@sringsmuth).

I can’t recommend Fastmail highly enough.

Jared Sorge (@jsorge).

After six months of using @FastMail I can say it is definitely a lot better than Gmail, especially the mobile app

Ryan Lin (@ryansslin).

I love @FastMail. Been trying to de-Google this year & this was the best email service I tried. I'm not the product, I'm a customer. Love it

unclekyle (@unclekyle).

I cannot recommend @FastMail enough for email.

Tim McJones (@The_McJones).

I’ve been a (very) happy @FastMail customer for years!

Dustin Shields-Cloues (@dcloues).

+1. Really liking being off gmail with @FastMail. Excellent multi-domain and wildcard support, family plan……

absent from t w t r (@benhardy).

Helping a friend sign up to @FastMail this morning. Best email service I've ever had.

Sam Wilson (@samwilson).

I'm in love with @FastMail's service and user experience. Such a good one!

Nirmal Almara (@nirmalalmara).

Been using @FastMail for a while. Not only to keep ads out & support a great product, but b/c it feels right to pay for basics like e-mail.

Timo Würsch (@timo3000).

Renewed my subscription today. Here's to another amazing year(s) with @FastMail . Lovely interface, fast, and most importantly, reliable.

David (@talesofaprinny).

Oh, I've forgot to talk about @FastMail. I like to pay for my email with money instead of ads, and FastMail is basically the best service.

@sweden / Karin (@sweden).

Realised that I’ve been happily using @FastMail for over 15 years. Kudos for a great service guys!

Andrew Berry (@drpump95).

I just switched to @FastMail today. The import tool was wonderful. Their mail server lives up to it’s name, FAST. Also IMAP Push on iOS. 👌

Nate #SaveTheExpanse (@ndaught).

I can recommend @FastMail. Their mobile and web clients are excellent!

The General (@timolaak).