So many kind words.

It’s one thing for us to tell you FastMail is great.
But it means so much more when our customers say it too.

I have settled on Excellent email service, as well as calendar and contact sync and integration. Love it!

Mike Bronner (@mikebronner).

Man, @FastMail's web mail client is really good.

Andrew Janke (@apjanke).

I cannot give @FastMail a stronger endorsement. Needed a few custom domain e-mail address and it is just really solid, fast, and unobtrusive

Eric Florenzano (@ericflo).

Just switched to @FastMail after using gmail for the past 11 years. Couldn’t be happier with my decision! Fast, slick, and private!

Pavel Ushakov (@firmdot).

After a couple years with them, @FastMail is so reliable and essential I bought five years of service up front

Spanish California (@_danilo).

Just finishing migrating all my personal email from Google to @FastMail! A+ would migrate again.

Keith Pitt (@keithpitt).

Still really happy with @FastMail, both for business and personal mail. Keep up the great work, folks!

Job (@detonite).

To my surprise @FastMail’s push is more seamless on iOS than Apple’s own iCloud email service.

Laurent Boileau (@laurentboileau).

Fastmail's interface is about 100x faster than Gmail's now.

Vishnu Gopal (@vishnugopal).

Wow - @FastMail is pretty fantastic!

Andy (@iamalsoandy).

Having a great experience so far with Fastmail as my business mail provider. Highly recommended.

💾💎 (@kaepora).

Man, @FastMail is so much better than everything else... Definitely using it for my biz email. Wish I could give up my 13 y/o Gmail addy.

Mathew Schaffer (@mschaffer).

I absolutely agree, @FastMail is head and shoulders in front of other email providers for simplicity and, when need……

Greg Baker (@gregnbaker).

Impressed by @FastMail’s spam protection. On par w/ @gmail and more informative (showing spam scores, better filter control)

Maarten den Braber (@mdbraber).

I've been using @FastMail for the past 3 years and it's consistently awesome! Moved my calendar there too.

George Stefanis (@stefanisg).

I just switched to @FastMail, and I'm amazed at how fast everything is. The web UI is an example of how to make web apps.

Stavros Korokithakis (@Stavros).

Epic customer support from @FastMail as always!

Victor Figol ⚡️ (@victorfigol).

Today marks my first full paid year as a @FastMail user! Couldn't be happier with them. 💯

иіск (@virtualwolf).

Really enjoying my new @FastMail account. Painless migration of domain and emails from old provider. Painless setup on desktop and mobile!

Radu Popescu (@iradupopescu).

It's the easiest spending decision I make all year. @FastMail offers private, secure, no-track email, calendaring:

Wayne W. Hall Jr. (@autography).

After years of @marcoarment’s recommendations, moved my dad over to @FastMail. This is great. Going to move myself next. Shoulda long ago.

Zev Eisenberg (@ZevEisenberg).

I use @FastMail for DNS hosting of my domain and my primary email provider. Never known a better email service. Seriously.

i_have_enough (@i_have_enough).

@FastMail Just moved my domain to Fastmail. The name says it all. Great speed and incredible features. Best decision I’ve made in a while.

Jim Mitchell (@HMFWIC).

Used @FastMail a year now. Seriously impressed at great UI + deep functionality. Just discovered they support Sieve to customise mail rules.

Jeff Granger (@ClearlyCurious).

It’s been well over a year since I switched to @FastMail, and I remain *extremely* happy with the service.

Chris Krycho (@chriskrycho).

Just switched to @FastMail. Amazed at its clean and snappy UI!

Lei Yang (@yangl1996).

@FastMail Hey FastMail I've been using your service for 13 years and I just wanted to say it's great and I've been a happy customer!

Jaime (@lengthynewt).

Renewed @FastMail for 3 more years. Great service and getting better every day. Read their advent blog to see why

Chad Kohalyk (@chadkoh).

So @FastMail is the best service I've used in 2016. And one of the best I've ever used period.

Pierre-Yves Maunier (@pymaunier).

Have I ever mentioned how great @FastMail is? Because god damn they’re pretty great.

Keith Bolland (@kb).

Migrated my Gmail and iCloud email to @FastMail using a custom domain, so far so good. Love the push support in iOS, better than iCloud!

fjyaniez (@fjyaniez).

I have to say, after finishing my first month trial and being a paid user for about a week or two, @FastMail is amazing and worth every cent

Echosa (@echosa).

Got up and running on @FastMail with custom domain, SPF, DKIM, etc in minutes. Awesome work! :D

Lev Lazinskiy (@levlaz).

Naturally @FastMail search is amazingly fast. Old provider easily 5 minutes churning through entire mailbox. Fastmail just a second. Worth $

Job (@detonite).

I can't recommend @FastMail highly enough. It's superb.

Nick Stenning (@nickstenning).

Shout out to @FastMail. Easy domain and mail migration and an awesome product.

Iam NaN (@splittingfield).

@FastMail recently switched to your service and am super impressed. Great security, speed and UX! I'm one happy customer

Tom Hackshaw (@tomhackshaw).

When I switched email providers I wanted privacy, reliability, and standard APIs. I found all 3.…

Doug Hellmann (@doughellmann).

The @FastMail UI is fantastic! This is how the mobile web should be.

Dave Barker (@davb5).

Fastmail is, without doubt the best email of any kind I have *ever* used, because it truly lives up to its name.

Nick Giannak III (@nick6489).

@FastMail Congrats FastMail! One of the few services that is a no brainer to pay for.

Steven Riehl (@stevenriehl).

Wow, the FastMail interface is the very definition of responsive. Very nice indeed.

Lester Wade (@LesterWade).

switched my email to a @FastMail account a couple years ago and it's best I've ever used. Best spam filtering I've had too.

John Kofonow (@JohnMakesBeer).

really appreciating the speed of @FastMail's browser UI - impressive. #win

Colin Yates (@yatesco).

@FastMail Also, I migrated over to FastMail from Google Apps a few months ago - never looked back, couldn't be happier! Thanks!

Dan Houle (@overland_dan).

Switched to @FastMail from Zoho for my personal email a few days ago. Awesome service, great documentation :D

Gaurav Pareek (@real_grvrulz).

I can't put into tweets the newfound joy in my life ever since I ditched Google Apps for @FastMail. Way faster, no bloat, so much bliss.

Agustín Cordes (@AgustinCordes).

@FastMail is just so damn good. I am constantly surprised by how good it is.

Paris 🐝A (@parisba).

Been with @FastMail since 15 years. Absolutely no regrets. I always knew they would be in this business for a long time. Simply the best !

Srikanth Eswaran (@geeksrik).