Email contains who you know,
where you go, and what you do

Our privacy practices keep your data away from self-serving companies.
Our security features prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Your data is for you
and no one else

That includes your email, calendars, contacts, notes, and files!

No tracking

Full transparency around
data practices.

No ads. Ever.

Zero involvement by advertisers
telling you
where to look.

No data lock-in

Easy import and export anytime
you need it.

Privacy and security features
protect your data

Security expertise
you can trust

We always have
your back

It’s easy to get a helpful person from our team to address any issues promptly and personally.

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Law enforcement enquiry process

Data Protection Officer
and Privacy Officer

Worry-free email,
and contacts

It’s our job to protect your data, so we built
our whole business around doing this right.

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