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Best alternative to Gmail and iCloud for email, calendars, and contacts

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The Age

'1984' style encryption laws will stymie startup growth: founders

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The Age

'Tars our profession': Encryption laws put jobs for coders at risk

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Creative Good

Alternatives to big tech

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Bron Gondwana on The Complete Privacy and Security Podcast

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business Insider

These 12 apps and services can help you ditch Google completely

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Ditch Gmail with these alternatives

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The New York Times

Finding Privacy for Email

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The Guardian

What’s the best email service that doesn’t scan emails for ad-targeting?

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Hosting Advice

Fastmail’s secure and reliable email hosting enables users to take control of their inbox and customize their workflows

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Why Fastmail wants to replace IMAP

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Small Business Trends

Topicbox says it’s the Slack of group email

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Why email security is mission critical to Fastmail

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How to live without Google

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Company news

We’re making email more modern with JMAP

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Fastmail logo icon

A new look, logo, and website for Fastmail

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Moving our privacy advocacy forward to protect Australia and you

Moving our privacy advocacy forward to protect Australia and you

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Write the Docs Australia

Sponsoring Write the Docs Australia

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Looking forward to 2018

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Fastmail at the IETF

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Fastmail Pobox Listbox

Fastmail acquires Pobox and Listbox

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Announcing Topicbox - our new product for teams

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Fastmail staff buys back company from Opera

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