FastMail Advent 2017

Welcome to the FastMail Advent Calendar for 2017!

Starting from our first Advent posts in 2014, when I wanted to talk about our approach to security, we’ve managed to produce 24 blog posts every December. We’ve talked about everything from low level technical improvements, FastMail values, Internet standards, and wacky chatbot interviews.

Most of what we’ve posted in past advent blog posts is still relevant to our current operations, so feel free to go back in time to 2014, 2015 and 2016 to see what we’ve written already.

One day we may run out of things to say, or choose a different format, but today is still not that day.

We’ve had a really exciting year, and I’d like to start like we did last year with a retrospective:

  1. 2017 Retrospective
  2. Ways to use calendars
  3. Team Profile: Jamie
  4. What we are up to at CalConnect
  5. The FastMail Security Mindset
  6. Security case study: Account Recovery
  7. Topicbox: the solution for team email!
  8. FastMail at the IETF
  9. MySQL and an atomic "check … on none insert"
  10. Team Profile: David
  11. Files and Dropbox support
  12. Even more sieve extensions
  13. A blog post worth referring to
  14. Multiple billing accounts for a single custom domain
  15. Keep your account more secure with 2FA
  16. Organise your mail with rules
  17. Team Profile: Kourtnee
  18. Using the modern web platform
  19. Faster, easier setup on iPhones, iPads and Macs
  20. Design spotlight – the Topicbox logo
  21. Monitoring FastMail with Prometheus
  22. GDPR: European Data Protection
  23. Team Profile: Rik
  24. Looking forward to 2018

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Newer post 2017 Retrospective
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