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Three Exciting Updates to Your Fastmail Calendar 

New Years’ is the time for making plans! We are excited to announce that we have made some updates to Fastmail’s calendar to help you along the way.

Best Private Browsers to Protect Your Online Privacy 

You may still be tracked even while using a “private” window like Incognito or VPN. Here are the best private browsers to protect your privacy.

These 9 Privacy-Friendly Tech Tools Will Boost Your Productivity 

Introducing nine privacy-friendly tools to control more of the information you are sharing with third parties.

What’s your Digital Resolution? 

2023 is here! We are excited to share some great digital resolution ideas to help you ring in the new year.

Fastmail Works for You and Your Business

Fastmail encourages you to personalize your workflow. Jemma uses folders and rules to organize her inbox and reclaim her time.

Making Email Work for You with Fastmail

Fastmail is email that works for you. See how Fastmail’s robust productivity features power Brandi's workflow.

Thinking of Migrating to Fastmail? We Make it Easy

Are you thinking of migrating from Protonmail or HEY to Fastmail? We’ve made importing your email easy!

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Using Social Media

Season 2 of Digital Citizen is coming out soon! In this article, we explore an episode from last season where we discuss the social and personal impact social media has on its users and how to stay conscious of its role in your life.

More Swipe Options on Mobile Let You Work Faster

Add custom swipes to your mobile workflow! You can set up swipes for your favorite labels, your preferred snooze times, or opt to keep our standard Archive/Delete options. There are so many options to choose from.

Send Later with Scheduled Send

You can now schedule mail to send at the most convenient time. Read on to learn how to schedule an email in Fastmail!

Choose your ideal colors with Fastmail themes

Fastmail has launched custom themes! Starting today, you can personalize the color and style of your Fastmail inbox.

3 Tips to use the Tiny Habits® method to become a Better Digital Citizen

In our second Digital Citizen podcast blog, learn how you can develop positive habits online with a few simple steps.